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All videos are in WEBM format, so quality might be less than originals.

Much of the music in these videos is furnished by Norman Rose at Touch the Light

"Grandma in Space"
(a series in progress)

With her ever-fearful dog Tinkerbell, Grandma roams the galaxy
in search of adventure and thrift store bargains.

And it all started with this....

Grandma in Space is now in story form (with theme music and sound effects!) at


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Music on this site by Norman Rose

at Touch the Light


PhiMatrix is a design and analysis application for Windows or Mac inspired by Phi, the Golden Ratio.
Use it to unveil the beauty of nature's proportions or apply it to your own designs and artistic creations.
It overlays a variety of transparent grids over any other program to let you see and apply the golden ratio
& other proportions to any image, and is a great tool to achieve excellence in design and composition.


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